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Dating Advice from a ManWhore: A Guide to Overcoming Self-Doubt, Relationship Struggles, and Finding Your Authentic Self by Tiana Jovana


Author Tiana Jovanas’ debut work, “Dating Advice from a Manwhore,” recounts one woman's journey of self-doubt, relationships, and everyday struggles, all under the watchful eye of her philandering, yet wise, best friend. 

Tiana elegantly intermixes modern dating challenges with scientifically supported solutions, to create an engaging story, that gives the reader a breadth of understanding and a source of entertainment often absent from contemporary self-help publications. This book is truly a thoughtful addition to the genre as a whole.

The latest beat tape by Faahz entitled "God Is Love | Be Like God" is available on all platforms from iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube and more.

You're welcome.

The "NOISEY" EP was constructed over the course of 2 days traveling on the train. The music captures the energy that surrounded me while attempting to block out the sounds around me (even my own thoughts)

P.S. The misspelling of "noisy" is intentional


Dreamscape is the live stage play representation of a true story about a young woman who was shot and killed by the police when she was asleep in her car, starring Rhaechyl Walker and John "Faahz" Merchant, and written by Rickerby Hinds.

You can listen and buy the audio version of the stage play, read articles here and be sure to go see the stage play when its in your area as well as the adapted movie "My Name Is Myeshia" in film festivals now and theatre soon.

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